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Upcoming Meeting


If you live in Heber, you will want to attend this meeting.  Transmission line upgrade and expansion is proposed and a new substation is proposed near 1200w and 650s. 

Date/Time:  June 11, 2019 at 6:00 p.m
Location: Heber City Office Building, Council Chambers, upstairs 75 North Main Street Heber City , 84032

Planning Commission Public Hearing Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Heber City Planning Commission will hold Public Hearings on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the Heber City Office Building, 75 North Main Street, South door, in the Council Chambers upstairs, to consider the following:

-    Public Hearing for Transmission Line Upgrade for Heber Light & Power

Public comment is welcome. Text and/or maps of proposed amendments can be viewed at the Planning Office at 75 North Main Street in Heber City, Utah. Any questions or written comments pertaining to this Public Hearing can be directed to the Planning and Zoning Department at (435-654-4830).

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VOLT - Valley-wide Opposition to Large Transmission Lines
Heber Valley, Utah

VOLT is only as strong as its supporters.  We need your help financially so VOLT can continue to promote the message of "RETHINK, REROUTE, OR BURY THE LINES" in the Heber Valley.  Please donate through PAYPAL here:

1.  YOUR FINANCIAL HELP IS NEEDED.  As a watchdog group, VOLT needs your help with funding and volunteers.  This will allow VOLT to continue to protect the value and beauty of our community through outreach, activity, and legal means.  And when VOLT needs to get more involved, resources will be ready!
2.  MIDWAY PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING - Restrictions for Utility Pole Height.  Wednesday March 21, 2018 at 7:00pm.   Midway City Community Center 160 West Main Street, Midway, Utah.  Item #1:  Midway City is proposing a Code Text Amendment of Midway City’s Land Use Code of Title 16.13.10 regarding restrictions for utility poles. The City would like to adopt restrictions that would govern the height and other items of distribution and transmission lines built in the City.  Midway residents are encouraged to attend.  Agenda can be found here:
3.  HEBER LIGHT AND POWER BOARD MEETING.  3:00pm March 28, 2018.  Agenda has yet to be published.  All meetings unless otherwise noticed will be held at the Heber Light & Power Business Office, 31 S 100 W, Heber City, UT at 3:00 pm on the fourth Wednesday of each month except for the month of December.
4.  OVERGROUND VS. UNDERGROUND STUDY.  During February's HLP Board Meeting (through the facilities committee) a study from NEI was requested to evaluate the costs of burying the line vs. above ground transmission lines.  The funds for this study are being charged as an expense to the larger capital project.  VOLT is concerned that a proper needs-base study which was approved in the January HLP Board Meeting was not initiated.  HLP management and staff stated that they already have one in process.  VOLT is concerned that this needs study will not be focused on the issues that concern the Jordanelle Midway Transmission Line.  VOLT encourages an in-depth independent evaluation.  The funds for these studies were already approved in the January Board Meeting.
5.  CITIZEN’S ADVISORY BOARD.  Heber Mayor Kelleen Potter has appointed 12 individuals from the valley to sit on a citizen’s advisory board (CAB) for HLP.  This body has already organized and met.  VOLT expects this board to act as an intermediary between the HLP board and the public.



In a good first showing, the Heber Valley's three new Mayors (Heber City Mayor: Kelleen Potter, Midway Mayor: Celeste Johnson, and Charleston Mayor: Brenda Kozlowski) showed that they, as controlling board members of Heber Light and Power (HLP), are listening to their citizens. THANK YOU, MAYORS!

Progress was made as they have asked HLP to provide a cost study to bury the Power Lines in the valley. They also announced plans to create a 6-8 person citizen's advisory board. We expect a needs-based study will be included in the commissioned study. Funding was also committed for this effort. 

At December 2017's meeting, and due to your support, the Wasatch County Planning Commission charged Heber Light and Power (HPL) and Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) with a list of to-do’s and to return in February 2018 to present their work.  HLP and RMP have now asked to move these items to March 2018.  We have been told that the item will still appear on the February 2018 Wasatch County Planning Commission Meeting agenda, but that the planning dept. will announce the item will be pushed to March 2018.

LEGAL REPRESENTATION.  VOLT has retained legal counsel with a firm familiar with dealing with electrical utilities and more specifically Rocky Mountain Power. 

FUNDRAISING.  These efforts will cost money, but will be worth it.  In the next few weeks we will publish multiple ways to contribute financially to the cause.  No amount will be too little nor too large. 

VOLUNTEERS.  We need help.  Many of you have expressed interest in helping with your time and specific skills.  Thank you.  We are ready to organize your efforts.  Please contact us at

CHANGE.ORG CONTRIBUTIONS.  We have been informed that some of you have made donations through  As we have not yet published official fundraising, any donations through supports that website and not VOLT.  Please contact and request a refund of those donations and standby for a donation portal from VOLT.  They can be reached at .  Let us know if this has happened to you at

Thank you for your continued support. Please share the petition  with your family and neighbors.

12/14/2017 Event:

December 14, 2017 12:00 noon. Front of the Wasatch County Building, 25 N. Main St., Heber City, UT. Meeting went extremely well. A large number of concerned citizens attended. Media, including KSL, was present, and speakers presented their concerns and desires to assemble as a powerful community group to promote the message of Rethink, Reroute, or Bury the Lines. Both mayors-elect of Heber City and Midway were present and supportive of the issues at hand.
This movement is just beginning. Please standby for opportunities to support and contribute financially to this important cause.

December 14, 2017 7:00pm. County Council Chambers, Wasatch County Administration Building. 25 North Main Street in Heber City. Rocky Mountain Power and Heber Light and Power requested a Pole Height Variance at this meeting. Due to our representation in attendance and to the questions and concerns expressed by our citizens, Rocky Mountain Power was given followup tasks and action on this request was deferred until February.


 Original High Power Line Route (2017)


Materials from our 12/5/2017 Public Meeting

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