POWER LINES UPDATE #9 - Recap HLP Board Meeting of Jan 24, 2018.

VOLT - Valley-wide Opposition to Large Transmission Lines

-In a good first showing, the three new Mayors (Heber City Mayor: Keleen Potter, Midway Mayor: Celeste Johnson, and Charleston Mayor: Brenda Kozlowski) showed that they, as controlling board members of Heber Light and Power (HLP), are listening to their citizens.

-Progress was made as they have asked HLP to provide a cost study to bury the Power Lines in the valley. They also announced plans to create a 6-8 person citizen's advisory board. We expect a needs-based study will be included in the commissioned study.

-In lieu of 4th qtr profit disbursements, $75,000 was held to help fund the studies.

More in depth details below

Here is an link to the meeting's agenda: https://www.utah.gov/pmn/sitemap/notice/442157.html
Here is an link to the audio recording of the meeting: https://youtu.be/znWh_F3sjIc

Here are two important items from that meeting:

1. Agenda Item #1: The Heber-Jordanelle Transmission Line. (Time stamp: 00:00:00-00:34:17)

Background: Heber Light and Power is an Inter local Power Company. The board is headed by The Mayors of Heber City, Midway City, and Charleston.

The Heber City Council room was at capacity, and attendees were standing in the hall. The 3 new Mayors and board voted to secure studies with regards to the first item on the agenda: The Heber-Jordanelle Transmission Line Update.
A. Mayor Potter (Heber) and Mayor Johnson (Midway) voiced concerns about the project.
B. The board asked HLP to Commission an Engineering Study for 3rd parties - which would include estimates of burying the lines. The study will show costs by sections.
C. While explaining the need for new power, Councilman Wayne Hardman asked if HLP will be building a substation for Park City. Jason Norlen said no. VOLT has previously reported that a large power project was in the works for Park City. This project was cancelled and HLP entered into discussions with RMP to provide them with a solution. https://www.parkrecord.com/…/rocky-mountain-power-sees-new…/ . VOLT has not heard that HLP was ever in plans to build a substation for Park City, nor was this alleged. It is clear that the proposed Jordanelle-Midway Transminssion Line will serve customers in Park City and other areas outside of the valley as it loops and adds redundancy to their line - otherwise why would RMP be paying 80%?. (Time stamp: 00:17:25 - 00:20:19) .
D. HLP board to create a facilities (capital improvements) committee comprised of 3 members of the board (Mayor Johnson, Kendall Crittenden, and ?)- Coordination with affected City Departments for siting of an underground line. HLP as asked for guidance on burying the line - i.e. where the line would need to be buried. Jason Norlen mentioned that they would prefer the line to be above ground near the sewage treatment plants. Heber City Mayor asked that estimates be done for each section of the lines so costs can be evaluated on a section by section.
E. Announcement to create a Citizens Committee to help guide and provide input to the board. For those interested, please contact Heber Mayor Kelleen Potter : kpotter@ci.heber.ut.us
F. Mayor Potter mentioned that they want to see this project done right.

2. Agenda Item #8. Approval of 2017 4th Quarter Distributions to Members (Time stamp: 00:59:32 - 01:09:52)

Background: HLP was profitable during the 4th qtr of 2017 and the profit of $75,000 - which was to be divided to the members, was proposed, voted on, and passed (4:2) to be used to help fund the studies that were requested earlier in the meeting.

A. Motion was made and adopted 4:2 to not distribute excess funds from HLP (approx. $75,000) to help with paying for study(s).
B. Wasatch Councilman Kendall Crittenden reffered to the large group of attending citizens (by this time, a majority had left) as possibly believing erroneously and having the misconception that the costs of the studies would be best spread out over the next few years of the project as capital expenses vs. using the dispersement funds now. Councilman Crittenden later mentioned that people's minds may change when they find out the costs of burying. It is VOLT's position that the valley doesn't need RMP's line through the middle of Heber and Midway. It is to serve a larger contingency of customers outside of the valley. If RMP wants to run it through our front yard and we allow it with terms, then they can bury it at their expense. (Time stamp: 00:59:54 - 01:04:56)
C. Heber City Councilman Wayne Hardman thanked the crowd for being there and acknowledged that many in attendance are against the power lines. He added that the that he had been voted into office by 1200 voters, and when compared to the 65 (by his count) of attendees, he felt that he represents a silent majority of people that are not vocal in their beliefs. He said that sometimes government is persuaded by those who just come and complain. Mayors Johnson and Potter responded. Mayor Potter mentioned that in her experience of emails and phone calls to her, most are dismayed by the power lines. One public comment was allowed, which remineded them of the 3,000+ signatures on the petition and that those voices are important to hear. (Time stamp: 01:04:56- 01:09:52) . Councilman Hardman has since stated through social media that he is neutral on the power lines project.

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