VOLT Citizens Care....

VOLT (Valley-wide Opposition to Large Transmission lines) is a non-profit community group that’s been organized to oppose a large-scale high voltage power transmission project that will create lasting damage to our community.

Background:  Heber Light & Power has entered into a contract with Rocky Mountain Power to allow the construction of a high-voltage power line to connect the new high-voltage line along Highway 40, through residential Heber City, across the Heber Valley to Midway, and through Midway neighborhoods to a Midway substation.

The plan maximizes the use of as many existing easements as possible and keeps all high-voltage lines above-ground and exposed to our community. Heber Light & Power has made little or no effort to force Rocky Mountain Power to adapt their line route to something that might be less financially attractive to them, but far more friendly to our community. 

Rocky Mountain Power is a for-profit company with a wide-ranging business operation. When this project, which was initially slated for location in Park City, was met with fierce opposition, Rocky Mountain Power quickly shifted course to Heber Light and Power. The Rocky Mountain Power/Heber Light & Power contract for the project was never made public, and our community was not sufficiently informed of the dealings until a GRAMA request forced the disclosure of the contract.

This is an unnecessary project

According to Heber Light & Power, the single advantage of this project to the residents of our community is to create redundancies within the larger Wasatch mountain-area power grid.  There are many other ways to achieve this which do not extract a permanent toll on our community.

We are concerned for the beauty and character of our community

High voltage power lines will present a blight on our community.  High voltage lines are federally mandated to be 75-90 feet tall, nearly twice as high as the existing infrastructure in our community.  The Heber Light & Power/Rocky Mountain Power project will be 75 – 90 feet tall with dead end poles being 90 - 110 feet tall.  Such infrastructure is typically routed along highways or through remote areas, not neighborhoods, rural open spaces and residential areas.  If allowed to proceed, this project will leave an irreversible scar on our community and will forever change the character and beauty of our community.

We are concerned for our citizens

High voltage power presents a potential health hazard for residents along the power line.  This project brings to our valley the maximum transmission possible.  Alternative routing away from neighborhoods and residential areas will spare residents from the potential long-term health effects of high voltage above-ground power lines.

There is a better way forward

Newly elected local leadership in Midway and Heber has shown a keen interest in this project and its considerable public opposition.  The new leadership was elected on a platform of vision and careful planning to protect the character of our community and are committed to exploring alternatives that do not sacrifice our community for external profit motives.  The Rocky Mountain Power project is inconsistent with this vision and character. 

How you can get involved

  • Keep up to date on developments by signing up for VOLT updates (send a request to voltcitizens@gmail.com).
  • Donate by sending us your pledge: (to VOLT at P.O. Box 101, Midway, UT 84049)
  • Attend public meetings to ensure that your voice will be heard.  
  • Volunteer.  Only a community effort can stop this project from permanently impacting our community. Contact us at voltcitizens@gmail.com