We want to preserve the natural beauty of the Heber Valley and prevent the addition of more high power lines that would blight our community!

Don't let powerful corporations ruin our valley. Let's stand together now. 

We don't need more of these lines in our community and residential areas!

We don't need more of these lines in our community and residential areas!

When is enough, enough!

When is enough, enough!


Learn more about VOLTCITIZENS and join us in resisting corporate profits at the expense of our community. 

Check out the planned route for the High Power Lines under the "UPDATES" section.

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HLP and RMP CUP Application - Midway City/Public Invited

May 14th @ 7 pm @ Midway Community Center

Construction of the Jordanelle-Midway Transmission Line requires Conditional Use Permits (CUP)  from the cities and jurisdictions that it will cross.  Heber City, Midway City, and Wasatch County are those entities.

Until recently, Midway City was exposed and did not require that utilities obtain a CUP from the city.  However, Midway City enacted a code text amendment that changed this.  Section 16.13.17 can be read here:  MIDWAY CITY CODE

Included in the code text amendment is a stipulation that Midway has the option to require that transmission lines be buried within the city limits.  Also included is the ability for Midway City to request studies they deem necessary.


Date/Time:  May 14, 2019 at 7:00 p.m
Location: Midway City Community Center 160 West Main Street, Midway, Utah 

Meeting agenda can be seen Here:  AGENDA

ITEM 2:  Rocky Mountain Power and Heber Light and Power are requesting a Conditional Use Permit to rebuild an existing Heber Light and Power transmission line and install a 138kV line for Rocky Mountain Power that will be located on the Heber Light and Power poles. The proposal will establish a second transmission interconnection which will strengthen service reliability and increase capacity in Midway and the surrounding area. The portion in Midway is about one mile in length and will following the existing transmission line along Wards Lane, Stringtown Road, and 970 South. The proposed tangent poles range in height from 70'-85' above ground and the dead end poles and crossing poles range in height from 80' - 110' above ground.

a.    Discussion of the proposed conditional use 
b.    Possible recommendation to City Council 

VOLT Encourages the Planning Commission and elected officials to:

1.  Continue (postpone) the item until RMP and HLP secure a CUP from Wasatch County (to be scheduled in the near future).  The County has given RMP and HLP a series of requirements to comply with.  One of which is the presentation of alternate routing. 

2.  Require an analysis of alternate routing which removes large transmission lines from current and planned neighborhoods and will not destroy the priceless aesthetics of Midway and its surroundings.

3.  Closely examine the cost study of overhead vs burying underground.

4.  Gather public sentiment.  In light of the passage of the open space bond by residents, It is important to know where the public stands on this issue and what they are willing to do to protect Midway from overhead transmission lines.

5.  Examine the real costs of aquiring and expanding easements of both public and private property and compare and contrast those costs with alternate routing or burying.

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