We want to preserve the natural beauty of the Heber Valley and prevent the addition of more high power lines that would blight our community!

Don't let powerful corporations ruin our valley. Let's stand together now. 

 We don't need more of these lines in our community and residential areas!

We don't need more of these lines in our community and residential areas!

 When is enough, enough!

When is enough, enough!


Learn more about VOLTCITIZENS and join us in resisting corporate profits at the expense of our community. 

Check out the planned route for the High Power Lines under the "UPDATES" section.

Take Action

Attend upcoming meetings:

VOLT is only as strong as its supporters.  We need your help financially so VOLT can continue to promote the message of "RETHINK, REROUTE, OR BURY THE LINES" in the Heber Valley.  Donate via PayPal above.

Midway City, realizing that their city code does not address limits on pole heights, has scheduled a work meeting (public is invited) to draft language to limit tall utility poles.  RMP and HLP are expected to attend and participate in an effort to promote their large power line project. Come listen and comment.

And at precisely the same time:

  • HEBER LIGHT AND POWER BOARD MEETING.  Wednesday April 18, 2018 3:00 p.m.  31 S 100 W Heber City , Utah. 

A few interesting items to observe: 

Item #4, Staff report and discussion on Carbon Free Power Project.  This is a discussion as to whether HLP should be a financial participant in a small nuclear power facility to be built in Idaho. 

Item # 7 Discussion and review of Community Advisory Board (CAB).  This is the board that was proposed by Heber Mayor Potter in January.  Agenda to be found here: https://tinyurl.com/y7dytl8k

See past meeting and general highlights in the "UPDATES" section.